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➜ 2010年10月に開校 延べ400人以上に教育。
Opened in October 2010 in Yangon, Myanmar. Education to over 400 people

➜ 読み書きの日本語から聞く話す日本語へ。つまり働くための日本語を教育。
We mainly teach speaking and listening of Japanese language. In other words, that is education for work with Japanese.

➜ 全員に行き届いた教育を。最大20名のクラス。
Perfect education for everyone. A maximum of 20 classes.

➜ 何のために学ぶのか。型にはまらない目的にあった日本語教育。
For what do you learn?  We will teach Japanese according to purpose.

➜ 脳科学に基づいた独自の教授法
Proprietary teaching method based on brain science.

◆  目的に合わせた様々なカリキュラム
Various curriculum tailored to the purpose.

 ➜ 基礎クラス
In addition to the basic knowledge necessary for Japanese, we also conduct conversation training.


➜ Interview Trainingクラス
We will conduct training for company interviews and interview for study abroad. At the end of the training session, the student himself becomes an interviewer and they will experience how     they feel in the manner of answering.


  ➜ その他、目的に合わせたトレーニングを作成します。
In addition, we will create training according to your purpose.  

◆ 授業風景
 Lesson scenery

Teach Scenery

◆ 実績

2016年 ➜ 19 people - got training visa

training_visa1 training_visa2

➜ 2 person - passed Interview Exam

Joycal1 JoyCal2 Joycal3

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